Isabel House

Who is Isabel?

Isabel loved Cannon Beach.

For nearly a quarter of a century, Isabel came to the beach to walk, to wade just a little, to tour the town, to laugh, eat, sip her wine and be with friends and family.

But most of all, Isabel loved the beach for her family. In the early years, she led expeditions to explore the mysteries of Elk Creek and to collect seagull feathers with the first one, then two, little boys. These grandsons, as grandsons are wont to do, got a little older and a little bigger. Guiding beach expeditions gave way to scrabble and praising triumphs of sand castle architecture from those boys and children of other generations.

Made more a spectator than a participant in Beach activities by time, the trip to the beach nevertheless remained a holiday for Isabel as sure and certain as Christmas. While walks became part of the past, Isabel’s enjoyment of place and family never waned or wavered.

Isabel doesn’t come to the beach anymore. She never set foot in this house, but this house helps sustain the memories of her.

We hope you enjoy this place as she would have.